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During a relatively short period in America, Korean immigrants have concentrated in building an economic base for themselves and for their children.For some, that means locating in poor urban minority-dominated ghettos; for others, it means moving into middle-class suburbs.The number of Koreans who have immigrated to this country as adopted children, or brides of Americans, since the Korean War is more than 100,000 for each respective group.After 1965, students-turned professionals were able to apply for permanent residence visas in the United States under provisions of the Hart-Cellar Act.They actively took part in church activities and independence movements that helped free their homeland from Japanese colonial rule.Students and political exiles constituted the third group of early Korean immigrants and they provided significant leadership in the pre-World War II Korean American community.

Koreans have become a visible and significant minority in this multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation. This hardworking, highly educated, and actively organized ethnic community is increasing its stake in the American society. The impact will be tremendous very soon when the second-generation of Korean Americans reach adulthood. American soldiers stationed in Korea brought home Korean brides, arranged adoption of war orphans to American homes, and sponsored students to come to the United States.

Between 19, approximately 6,500 brides, 6,300 adopted children, and 6,000 students came to this country.

Many immigrants therefore opt for entrepreneurship. The data clearly show that within the American business structure and its clear racially-based hierarchy, Korean-owned firms occupy a "middleman" minority status sandwiched between the dominant group (non-Hispanic Whites) and less powerful classes (African Americans and Hispanics).