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Normally an alphabetical letter, with the original design being designated by the letter "A".

A first revision to the original design would normally be noted with a "B", although sometimes this digit identifies a completely different component, even though the basic part is the same.

Both are wheel assemblies, but they have very different applications.

When the part is released as a service part, the service part number assigned to the part is likely to initially be the same as the engineering part number.

Here's how this number is decoded: C = Decade of design (1960's) 5 = Year of decade (1965) S = Car line (Thunderbird) Z = Engineering Department (Ford Service Parts) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) A = Design change (original design, no revision) This basic wheel was used on Thunderbirds from 1965-1967.

While it was possible to use a wheel from a 1964 Thunderbird on the rear of a 1965 Thunderbird, that wheel would not fit on the front wheels, and as such was unacceptable for use as a spare tire.

The Ford part number on the box shown at left is on the top line: B8A-9431-A.

Other information indicates it was an Engine Engineering Division design, weighs 9 pounds, provides information on the quality control inspection, and the date packed.

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S.-designed parts) 9 = Turbine Engine Parts (1970-1975) A = Light Truck Engineering Division B = Body and Electrical Product Division C = Chassis Engineering (Powertrain and Chassis Product Engineering) D = Overseas Product Engineering E = Engine Engineering F = Electrical and Electronics Division (Product Engineering Office) G = (not used) H = Climate Control Division (from 1972) (Product Engineering Office) I = (not used) J = Autolite/Ford Parts and Service Division (Parts and Service Engineering Office) K = (not used) L = Industrial Engine Operations (Ford Parts and Service Division) M = Performance Operations and Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) (includes Holman Moody) N = Ford Tractor Operations (Product Engineering Office and Diversified Products Operations) O = (not used) P = Automatic Transmission and Axle Engineering Q = (not used) R = Manual Transmission and Axle Engineering S = Light and Heavy Truck Engineering/Truck Special Order Parts T = Heavy Truck Engineering U = Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) V = Vehicle Special Order and Engineering Section W = Transmission, Axle, and Driveshaft Engineering X = Emissions, Economy and Special Vehicle Engineering (high performance parts) Y = Lincoln/Mercury Division Service Parts Z = Ford Division Service Parts This series of numerals denote the actual part description, i.e., wheel assembly, relay assembly, etc.For instance, the Simulated Styled Steel Wheel Covers for a 1969 Ford Thunderbird carry the basic part number C9SZ-1130D, followed by -26B for Brittany Blue color, 13D for Candyapple Red color, etc.

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