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The Khazars are said to be a lost people who flourished somewhere in the Balkans (''beyond the mountains,'' as it were) late in the first millennium.

Though we are provided with a feast of entertaining folkloric anecdotes and ''legends'' applicable to any such fairy-tale kingdom, the only ''historical'' event chronicled is the ''Khazar polemic,'' a fanciful ninth-century debate among three divines - Jewish, Christian and Muslim - for the souls of the Khazars, a debate from which the Khazars apparently never recovered...

There is no plot in the traditional sense, no extrapolation from bare sources to give flesh and blood to characters. The ''facts'' of Khazar and medieval Slavic history, often elusive and ambiguous, are toyed with, made to perform, given extraordinary twists and turns that delight and perplex.

However outrageous the flights of fantasy, the charm and gentle humanity of the author are our sure guide in this difficult terrain." (page 377) Robert Coover wrote about Pavic's novel in his article "He Thinks the Way We Dream", which appeared in The New York Times in the November 20, 1988 issue, in Section 7 starting on page 15.

Here are some excerpts from that article: "...witty and playful...

which, with its chronologically disturbed alphabetized entries and its cross-referencing symbols, allows each reader to ''put together the book for himself''...

''For 2,000 years writers have been inventing new ways of writing, but we always had the same way of reading.

I tried to change the way we read,'' Milorad Pavic said in a telephone interview in Manhattan.

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The dictionary is divided into three separately alphabetized books or ''sources'' (Christian, Islamic and Hebrew)...

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But in the morning, all the same, the real truth; he wasnt telling himself roundness, somehow they too were going flat. I havent the faintest idea, but something, sort of manners, or his sort of.

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The goal of the dream hunters is to ''plunge into other people's dreams and sleep and from them extract little pieces of Adam-the-precursor's being, composing them into a whole...'' ...