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The spectrum of stories, ideas and revelations presented, on a daily basis, is absolutely staggering.

- Super Secret Zuma Satellite Costing Billions Now Said A ’Total Loss' Syria Says Israeli Missiles Hit Damascus Trump Agrees To Special Counsel Interview - Report The Swamp…It’s ALL Connected US Fear Drones That Hit Russian Syrian Bases Available On Open Market Terrorists Can Create Drones From US Equipment You Better Watch This - AI Mini Death Drones - Vid And This, Too - Think You’re Ready For This?

DOD Drone Swarm Tryout With Combat Infantry - Vid Roberts - Russiagate Turns On Its Originators Bannon Apologizes Over Damning Portrait Trump Touts Lowest Unemployment Rate on Record Hillary Now Facing 3 Investigations It's Actually Pretty Normal To Think You’re A Genius After Winning An Election Kushner Gets Million From Israeli Firm Roberts - Are Whites Being Set Up For Genocide?

Dogecoin Crypto Hits Billion Milestone ALERT - Climate Geo Engineering Is Now Out Of Control 'Cyclone Bomb' Grips US East Coast - Vid Sahara Desert Covered In 15 inches Of SNOW Germany - Shipping Suspended On Rhine As Cologne Floods Spanish Army Called In As 100s Of Cars Buried In Snow Tornado Rips Through Two Towns In French Pyrenees - Vid Ocean Floors Sinking Under Weight Of Melting Glaciers British Spies Protected Prince Philip’s Secret Life World's Oceans In Worse Shape Than Thought Many Different Types Of Anxiety And Depression The Effects Of A Fourth Spatial Dimension Most Important Ancient Documents Lost To History Drunk-Looking Iguanas Are Falling from Trees In FL On The Bourbon Trail In KY Australia So Hot The Roads Are Melting The Woman Living With Mountain Lions Vegas Judge Dismisses ALL Charges Against The Bundys N Korea May Want Talks Because Of Its Nuclear Strength Sanctions Doing Serious Damage To North Korea Roberts - Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?

US Scrambles To Defend Trump Nuclear Button Tweet - 'Keep Kim On His Toes' US Agency To Issue New Nuke Attack Guidelines Regarding North Korea Kim Jong-un Urges Forming Conditions For Normalization Of Ties With South Korea N Korea Reportedly Picks Delegation For Talks On Winter Olympics Participation Trump's Hollow Outreach To North Korea Wolff Says Fire And Fury Will Kick Trump Out Bannon Fingered As Point Of Access For 'Fire And Fury' Trump Defends Sanity - 'I Am A Very Stable Genius' Bannon Is An 'Ideologue' aka Useful idiot For Zionism Separating Facts From Fiction In Wolff's Book Bannon 'Regrets' His Statements In Fire And Fury - Vid Wolff - WH Obsessed With 25th Amendment Threat And He Left Out Even 'More Damning' Things From Book Wolff Stands Firmly By His Book And Says The Situation In The White House Is 'That Bad' Mueller Now Probing Ivanka's 'Greetings Exchange' With Russian Lawyer Moore Vows To Drill Oil Off Trump's Mar-a-Lago Fusion GPS Bank Records Handed Over, May Shed Light On Payments From Russian Embezzler Why There Are No More Free Passes For The Clinton Foundation ‘Mike Pence Is Far More Dangerous Than Trump’ Sec Def Mattis Sums Up 'Murica In 7 Short Words Lies We Tell Ourselves States Threaten 'Economic Civil War' On Washington Record Low Temps From Bangor To Charleston Bomb Cyclone Ushers In Brutal Cold, Ice Storm Niagara Falls Partially Frozen Continuous Snows Hits Parts Of China UFOs, Tesla, De Longe, ETs, Covert Ops Why I Believe In UFOs And You Should, Too - Vid Democrat Party Now Officially A Domestic Terror Group As DNC Dep Chair, Ellison, Endorses Antifa Anti-White, Muslim DNC Deputy Chair Poses With 'Antifa Handbook' Ex New York Times Reporter Rips The Paper Crazy WA To Allow Gender 'X' On Driver's Licenses & Birth Certificates - The War On Humanity Continues Putin 'Congratulations On Orthodox Christmas' Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas Worldwide - Vid US Must Recognize Russia’s Concern Over Stability In Eastern Europe - Tillerson First Russian 5th Gen Su-57 Fighter Jets To Enter Frontline Service ‘Very Soon’ 2018 – War Or No War?' S-400s In Crimea For Russian Security - Kremlin Amphibious Assault Ship With First Squadron of F-35Bs Joins US 7th Fleet 'A Strange Coincidence’ - US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack US Likely Involved In Attacks On Russia In Syria Drones That Attacked Russian Base in Syria - Pics New Pics Of Drones That Attack Russian Bases Horrific Example Of Israeli Occupation Harshness IDF Detains 11 Pals Following Rabbi's Murder Uproar Over Israeli Settler’s Killing Israel Launches Secret Squad To Challenge Negative Image & Boycott Campaign Yair Netanyahu: Like Father, Like Son Russia To Stand Up For Viability Of Iran Deal - Lavrov Progress Made On Senate Bill To ‘Fix’ Iran Deal Trump To Extend Iran Nuclear Deal, Sanctions Relief Iran Can Speed Up Nuclear Activities UK - Iran’s Domestic Affairs None Of its Business New Yemeni Missile System Used Against Saudi Jets Mass Migration - European Commission's New ‘Norm' British Army Gay Recruitment Drive As Soldier Numbers Fall Top Female-Only State School Drops The Word ‘Girl’ Fearing It Might ‘Offend’ Trannys Amazon’s Bezos Now Richest Man In History Small Business Tax Reform Decade Of Gloom For Global Economy - World Bank China Weighs Halting Purchases Of US Treasuries Treasurys Tumble, Futures Slide On Report China To Slow Or Halt Treasury Purchases Trader Asks 'Did China Just Give US Assets A Cheap, Valuable Lesson On Who's In Charge?