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20-Jul-2017 03:41

he can composed song, made song, play guitar, piano, etc i always support you.. If you just accept to act on the heirs it will be amazing :( I have watching you for 4 years, only you from all Kpop, and CNBLUE members of course. You and PSH has a good chemistry even outside the camera. If im to rate the movie over 10% i'lld rate it 100%... Thank you for being a star, i can see you even though you can't see me.... Less so about his public appearance but who he is inside... I doubt he will read this (regardless, this will sound like any other fan-mail), and I doubt we'll meet in this lifetime. I have seen all he's works and I like he's voice is unique. heeee SARANGHAE JUNG YONG HWA OPPA :) I am not Asian drama fan but I thought to give try to you're beautiful there I saw yung join hua and park shin I liked that couple so left that drama after 4 or 5 episodes n watched heartstring and want to see hua and shin together mhel here from philippines. since i watched you in he's beautiful i started to know and search all the information about you . Well I am happy for you, but you don't actually care that much. I am a girl from Norway who loves you for who you are!

This guy is so talented,,, i love jut the way you are oppa.. I have watched Heartstrings for three times already and I am not tired of watching it. Also, he seems very hard working and puts great effort into his works. But it's a wish to get to know him for who he is (good and bad), and not the different characters he portrays. I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm addict to Korean Dramas specially. you in that drama and lee min ho in " future choice".

those who sacrifice always ends up giving up for their friend.. Jan Di and Jun Pyo ended up wd each oder leaving Ji Hoo sad..

why does it have to be the first one not the second one??

i was surely know that you are really a quite person.........

you know when i watch the hes beautiful behind the scene.......

and make everyone who hear can be smile and love it... the channel that this drama is airing has few viewers. You are very cute, its even better when you laugh n it is cuttest when you try n hide ur cute unproper canine teeth with your hand. Its midning n i along wid my eldr n younger sistr jst finished watching your movie. ...........i like you so much.........i love your voice..........your no.1 fan here in the Philippines....on composing good music........to see you in person......you!!!!!!!! Hope you will notice me one day, and say that you love me back. ^o^ I am a huge fan, and I just want to agree with everyone when they say you shouldn't get plastic surgery..are so handsome and so sweet, and your smile absolutely melts my heart.

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I fall head over heels for them and omg I'm dying Lee Pil Mo and Jeong Yong Hwa are my baes I love them so much. i hope you continue your great job and always be humble.

I put jung yong hwa,s picture in my bedroom & I love he for ever, I can do every thing for he, I can die for he.i think that yong hwa need more than seohyun. please send it to my imail([email protected])([email protected])(n.rahimi131002hotmail.com) ANNYEONGHASEYO!!!!!!!!