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On the other hand, the rigour with which the letter of the Law became enforced gave rise to a narrow "legalism".

The mere external compliance with ritual observances gradually superseded the higher claims of conscience ; the Prophet was replaced by the "scribe", the casuistic interpreter of the Law; and Israel, in its sacred isolation, looked down upon the rest of mankind.

These names are actually just German names that many Ashkenazi Jews took when required to adopt some type of surname.

Authentically Hebrew names will often begin with "Bar" or "Ben," so they're a good tip-off.

C.), Juda was conscious of having inherited the religion of pre-Exile Israel.

Thence they naturally drew the conclusion that, cost what it may, they must prove faithful to Yahweh, so as to avert a like punishment in the future.

Often this is because it's difficult to establish a character as Jewish without depicting them as a walking stereotype, particularly when there's no omniscient narrator to simply say so or when they don't fit the stereotype.

The sacred ordinances of the Law were no burden to them, and gladly did they even increase the weight by additional interpretations of its text.As Lenny Bruce said, all New Yorkers are at least a little Jewish.Having a "Jewish" name ending in -berg, -stein or the like is also evidence but not proof.This is the exact opposite of Informed Judaism, which is when a Jewish character's faith is plainly stated, usually as an afterthought, but never really exhibited by their thoughts or actions and has no relevance in the plot.

If a character is non-human and displays stereotypical Jewish behavior, it's Space Jews.However much the Jews living among the Greeks mingled with the latter for business pursuits, learned the Greek language, or even became acquainted with hellenistic philosophy, they remained Jews to the core.